Drag and Drop

One great advantage of using a digital tool to manage your calendar is that it's much less of a hassle to make changes. And there's nothing more natural than drag and drop to do so. Monday has had drag and drop from the start, but now it's there also for tablets and touch-capable computers. With multi-touch!
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View Settings

Everybody's got their own way to work — some want the details, some the broad picture. Now you can tweak each of Monday's calendar views to your liking, hiding or showing activities, birthdays and social events.
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Facebook Events

Have you ever missed an event because you didn't copy it to your calendar? It's funny that the more ways and social sites we have to share events, the harder it is to keep your calendar up to date.
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Daily News

May 1

Unfortunately due to Facebook’s changes and its new rules, Monday can no longer show birthdays of your Facebook friends. This does not affect showing birthdays from your Google contacts.

Hopefully Facebook changes its mind at some point so we all wouldn’t have to manually type people’s birthdays to address books like in the old days. :-)

Apr 15

Tweaked the design of Monday a little including its settings and toolbar.

Also, improved infinite scrolling on both the month and week view. They both now perform much more smoothly and neither requires any clicking to go to past dates. Just scroll. Works extremely well on a touch pad.

New activities added to past dates are now also marked done when you create them.

Feb 15, 2014

Month view now has a nice fixed header with the month name and weekdays. As with the calendar sidebar, you can also click it to jump back to the current week.

Jan 20, 2014

You can now drag activities to dates on the calendar sidebar to reschedule. Works beautifully on the desktop or on an iPad.
Also enabled signups on the iPad as the tour, which required dragging, now works on touch devices.

Jan 13, 2014

Monday got a totally new, better and custom tailored drag and drop feature that works amazingly also on touch devices like the iPad. Try dragging multiple activities with as many fingers and pens as you have.

Jan 8, 2014

Fixed a small text selection problem that only affected the latest Chrome browser version.

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