Overdue Tasks

Writing things down is step one. But until you actually schedule them on your calendar, they’re more wishful thinking than reality.

But what if you take on too much and end up with some undone tasks? With a paper calendar or planner you’d have to get out your pen and start rewriting things onto the next day. Well, now with Monday, you won’t have to.

Monday will move any task you didn’t get to on that planned day over to the next day for you automatically. And it’ll give them a nice red indicator so you can easily spot them. No manual moving necessary.

Screenshot of Overdue Tasks

Events and other such activities with times will stay put, just like you’d expect.

So, if you’re already using Monday, this new update should be with you in a few hours. But if you aren’t yet, be sure to get an invite and look Monday up on Twitter. ;-)

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