Todos and events together

Organize your life in one app. Work or personal, todo or event, Monday can handle it. There's a single 24h in a day, after all.

Connected and social without distractions

Monday also shows events from Facebook and Google Calendar, but does it in a way that informs and not distracts.

Online, everywhere and always ready

Monday is an online web calendar that works on your PC, Mac or tablet. There's no hassle — nothing to install or update.

Or as they said it…

  • Otto de Voogd

    I like the integration with Facebook. Overview is much better than what they offer. Kudos to that! Little by little your app is dragging me in. ;-)

  • Rhys Thomas

    Monday has a very clean, very simple and intuitive interface that is a joy to use. Because it’s quick to do anything, it’s not a pain in the neck like some other calendars.

  • Tanja de Bie

    Most calendars look cluttered and make you depressed about your day. ;-) Monday looks sweet and clean.

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