Drag and Drop

One great advantage of using a digital tool to manage your calendar is that it’s much less of a hassle to make changes. And there’s nothing more natural than drag and drop to do so. Monday has had drag and drop from the start, but now it’s there also for tablets and touch-capable computers. With multi-touch!

So, if you’re using Monday on an iPad or use a touch-enabled laptop, tap and hold briefly to start and drag away! And then find something to wipe the screen clean of all the fingerprints! Behind a good old computer with a mouse, click and drag as before.

In addition to dragging between days, you can now drag activities to the calendar sidebar. If you’ve got a few things to postpone far into the future, for example, then that’s an easier way to move things around than editing dates by hand.

Screenshot of Dragging on Calendar Sidebar

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